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Our Reputation


JAG & Associates is a national search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of attorneys in law firms and corporations. On behalf of our clients, we have facilitated firm mergers, practice group acquisitions and provided personalized outplacement services.

Our clients include local, national and international law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the United States.

Our Mission Statement


JAG & Associates is committed to providing professional and ethical services to the legal community. To that end, our firm commits to recommending only the most desirable,

qualified partner level candidates. This allows us to present our clients with a more concise selection of candidates, creating better options for meeting the traditional challenge of seeking new employees.

JAG & Associates is committed to providing sophisticated and professional legal consulting and attorney recruitment, goals that we work to achieve every day. These goals require that we understand and satisfy our clients' needs, efficiently utilize resources, and add value to our communities and society by enriching the lives of the individuals we recruit.

The key to all of this is our people. Our success is the result of our trusted reputation, evolving philosophy and management approach we have been practicing since our inception. We continue to develop this philosophy from our study of the factors that drive this volatile legal market to effectively satisfy the needs of our clients and the candidate attorneys. The results of our work indicate that many of the lessons are derived from an understanding of what makes an employment opportunity desirable and fit within the economics of a law firm or corporation. Application of these lessons is the primary source of our success. 


Our Values


JAG & Associates believes that reinforcing our firm's fundamental values, such as humility, intellectual honesty and respect will guarantee that each client succeeds in meeting their objectives and overall mission.


While we are proud of our people and our growth, this pride is tempered by the realization that our clients' continued survival and progress requires a daily struggle to understand and learn and apply that learning to their plans for future growth and expansion. The marketplace is not static, and complacency inevitably leads to stagnation and decline. The only antidote is to learn and improve, and our commitment to do so makes us confident that we will continue to contribute to the growth and success of our clients. 

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