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As a result of our established relationships in the legal profession, JAG & Associates is well positioned to assist with your firm's recruitment of the most highly regarded, sought after partners and associates available in a highly professional and totally confidential manner. Since 1989, JAG & Associates has recruited attorneys with varied levels of experience and practice specialties for law firms, corporations, law schools and other businesses.

The face of the legal profession has changed dramatically in recent years and the landscape will continue to change shape with more senior partner lateral moves and law firm mergers predicted.

JAG & Associates is best known for our involvement with medium and large full-service law firms, as well as corporations. The majority of our practice centers around the recruitment and placement of partner and associate level attorneys who can help meet the specific goals and objectives of our clients. When needed, we also provide valuable guidance and counseling regarding all aspects of past and present market conditions, acquisitions of specialty practice departments and industries, and facilitating clients with mergers and acquisitions. We also provide outplacement services when needed.

While much of our recruitment is for major law firms, one of the backbones of our practice has always been assisting the growing needs of expanding law firms. JAG & Associates' growth reflects our success in serving clients with practice expansions and start-up offices. Throughout development and expansion, JAG & Associates plays a vital role ensuring our clients' continued success with ongoing advice and direction. Our analysis of the marketplace and recruitment has often assisted our clients in establishing new practice and industry specialties.

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