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During the interview, you may be asked a variety of questions. There are no perfect answers, yet some thought and discussion about potentially tricky subjects can help you avoid disaster.

Our firm has worked with hundreds of attorneys in numerous markets and practice specialties. Rarely are two circumstances alike; however, our team of consultants will invest the time to understand your unique circumstances and provide you with experienced counseling to obtain the best outcome for you.

Chances are that if you're asking yourself this question, you probably also know the answer.  But our consultants will be sure to provide you with some proven, effective exercises that will give you the extra comfort of knowing you are making the right decisions, for the right reasons, at this stage of your career.

Time to Move On?
Are you all the same?

The answer is a definite "No!"  Every contact you make with a consulting firm that also offers legal placement services are typically focused on the needs of one party or the other. Make sure you have a trusted advocate, with the proven history and background to provide you with the best advice that will serve you and your loved ones.   

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