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Branding and Marketing Tools

In the past, law firms were forced to follow traditional industry standards when creating market awareness. Much like a farmer, it was expensive, required a lot of effort and patience for the seeds being planted to produce any fruit.

Our clients are successful and busy representing their clients and focused on the business of practicing law. Therefore, it’s not surprising a good portion of our law firm clients appreciate some guidance in this area. See our article on Marketing in our blog.

Let’s face it, it’s helpful to know when you’re looking in the mirror, what’s looking back.

This insider market knowledge is especially helpful for our clients expanding outside of their comfort zone, or their home market. In the past, law firms were limited to one- or two-color advertisements in chosen legal journals. We have found, however, there is so much more to share.  Creating and sharing your firm’s story and how you define who you are can be a game changer.

We assist our clients in hitting the ground fast with some momentum, and growing the momentum in multiples of successes.  See our articles regarding Synergy, Strategic Growth, and Firm Cultures. See why they matter!

Having worked with a number of boutique law firms that are now national or international firms, we have the experience to guide your firm with a proven method that works effectively, won’t break the bank, and shows immediate response and market feedback.

If this is an area you and your team would like to learn more about, please contact JAG at

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