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Recruitment and Outplacement


Most of our clients contact us with one goal in mind. They’re seeking introductions to desirable partner level candidates. We understand and this is definitely a valued service we provide to our clients. But there is so much more involved in the entire process.

Let’s consider this: if it were easy to hit a golf ball down the fairway 330 yards with a slight draw, players like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Phil Mickelson wouldn’t earn $100 million a year playing golf and endorsing golf products.  Yet the perception is that some firms seem to have more success than others when it comes to strategic expansion. What makes those firms different? What are those firms doing that perhaps your firm hasn’t yet figured out?

JAG takes the guess work out of fine-tuning your recruitment game. Our efforts in this area have helped dozens upon dozens of law firms get it right, so they are confident in knowing what they’re doing when they step onto the tee box.

Occasionally, our clients have valued attorneys who are better suited taking their experiences to an in-house position with a current client of the firm. We have developed a program referred to as the Career Transition Program, designed to compassionately and efficiently transition those gifted lawyers into desirable positions so they can continue to provide the valued services they enjoy providing.

These two topics are rich and deep, and deserving of several chapters, but to arrange a one-on-one meeting with JAG please contact us directly at

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