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Marketing Big Law

A law firm client shared the story of how surprised he was when he read in one of the legal journals that one of his close attorney friends at another firm had just joined a competing law firm… in the same building. “I wasn’t surprised that he left” my client shared, “but I was shocked that he didn’t even call and ask to grab a cup of coffee when he was thinking of leaving.” He continued, “We play golf every Saturday together!” As he shared this story, he was still shaking his head.

First, let’s agree that marketing your firm to potential clients and the business community is vastly different than marketing your firm to the partner lateral market. Some law firm leaders still believe this all equally woven together.

We are not surprised when we hear from new law firm clients, “We have a solid marketing department, that’s an area where we don’t really feel we need your assistance.” So my usual follow-up is, “Great, I would love to hear more about one of your more recent success story of attracting that high profile partner candidate!” That’s usually when I start hearing a little Shakespeare. For those who aren’t aware, Shakespeare is credited for being the first to use the “Hem and Haw” phrase, when describing the sound one makes when clearing their throat while struggling for the right words.

The truth is most law firms struggle in this area, or they budget every year to throw a great deal of time and money hoping to recreate the perceived success that another law firm in a similar market is having. But the bigger message should be, “Just focus on being the best version of… Yourself!”

Ask your team some basic questions, like, “Why do we enjoy practicing here?” And then a simple follow up might be, “How could we communicate that message?” And lastly, “What is the most cost-effective way for us to get our message out to our target audience?” Once you can determine those answers, you’re well on your way to creating an effective marketing campaign. But is it cost effective? How can the results be measured?

Our team has rolled up our sleeves and created a method that works, and we enjoy sharing the success stories with our clients. No method is ever 100% foolproof, but using a proven method as the foundation of your branding efforts that instantly measures results shouldn’t be ignored.

Our advice to our clients begins with developing a better understanding of who they are, and who they are not. Build the marketing/branding program from the ground up.

If you would like to learn more about some of the success stories of our clients, contact us at

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