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Strategic Growth

Google tells me there are 20,300,000 possible results for the phrase, Strategic Growth.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the “strategic growth” phrase more than you care to count. I believe it falls second only to this other catch phrase, “We don’t want to grow for growth’s sake.” When I hear these phrases, it tells me some important information. If it’s a boardroom setting, it can mean that the board may not have a growth initiative that they are overly confident with, or alternatively, there is no well thought out plan for growth.

When the latter is true, that means the firm has willingly accepted the role of being Opportunity Seekers. They will entertain any lateral partner opportunity that happens to come along or is presented to them. The problem with this perceived growth plan is that it’s designed around failure.

Let me explain. If I’m a desirable, sought-after attorney, I can pretty much choose which firm I’m interested in talking with, on a confidential basis, of course. If I don’t contact a particular firm, it typically means that firm is not high on my list of firms that I would like to learn more about or practice with. On the contrary, if I happen to fall within that category of a less desirable partner, I can’t afford to be as selective, and therefore, I’m forced to pick up the phone and call one of my contacts at a firm, or contact a recruiter, and hope that I can interest them enough to sit down to listen. The firms that receive those calls, rather than initiate them, place themselves into the category of Opportunity Seekers. Here’s another way to consider this… the Spring Dance is fast approaching, and no one has called to ask you to the dance. As you weigh your options, you can either stay home or you can pick up the phone and call the guy or girl from your science class who you know doesn’t have a date. Trust me, he or she will gladly take you to the dance.

JAG is experienced in establishing proven growth initiative plans designed around the strengths and objectives of the clients we represent. Don’t miss the Spring Dance, contact us at

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