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What's your next move?

What makes your firm’s recruitment strategy any different from every other firm? It's nearly time. All the necessary arrangements have been made well in advance in anticipation of this important day. You check, then double-check the schedule -- breakfast with your Chair at a hotel restaurant, followed by refreshments in the firm’s most luxurious conference room. Take a moment to take in those views. Then the firm’s A-team, the best at recruiting, are scheduled to begin arriving for short conversational meetings every 45 minutes on the hour. Lunch reservations are confirmed at the club’s private room, of course, where the star candidate will join the firm’s Chair and the Practice Leader for more light conversations. with a couple more select partners. Later that afternoon, the firm moves in for the close. Sound about right? Now what? What happens after the offer is extended? A series of planned follow-up calls?

How do you know what questions may have surfaced from the recruiting meetings? Most firms do fairly well when it comes to "the presentation," but how do you have the confidence of knowing you and your team are addressing the partner candidate’s biggest concerns? Statistics, and lateral partner candidates themselves, tell us that it's not as simple as merely offering more money. Although this subject is rarely talked about, most law firms aren’t properly prepared to do more than take out a pawn when it comes to winning in the recruiting game. As law firms line up for the chance to compete for the top lateral partners, you need to have your kings and queens ready.

Do you know the one thing you and your partners need to do in order to sway the candidate in your direction? It’s your move. For nearly 30 years, JAG has been advising our clients in these key areas and more. If you are interested in learning how your firm can improve your successful close ratio to nearly 90%, contact for a confidential meeting.

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