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Building Trust

What image comes to mind when thinking about the word “trust?” The truth is, it probably depends largely on your situation and where you are in life. To some, it may be trust in their surgeon. However, to someone else, it may be with their children’s nanny. Or their spouse. But what about when it comes to your partners or your firm leadership? One of the most difficult hurdles to cross when evaluating existing relationships with your partners is the issue of trust. It’s not a word you often hear in professional circles, but it is synonymous with another revered character trait called “integrity.” If you know someone who has it, consider yourself fortunate, as it is often a moving target.

So the next question may be “why” is trust and integrity so important, yet elusive? From where we sit, there is a huge movement to be popular and fit in, and this includes those serving in law firm leadership. But what happens when the best direction and decision for a firm isn’t popular with the influencers in the firm? It is in those situational crossroads when it takes courage to make the correct decision. Do your partners show signs of trusting firm leadership to make the right decision? So how can law firm leadership find a balance between making the right decision for the firm while remaining in the "Inner Circle” with their partners of influence?

Our team has journeyed through many of these challenges facing law firm leadership today and we have counseled some of the largest and most successful law firms in the nation during some difficult times. If you would like to arrange a confidential conversation, contact us at to learn how our experience working with some of the nation’s largest, most successful law firms will give your leadership team the confidence it seeks to make the right decision for your firm.

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