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Have you lost your power?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Even if you were fortunate to avoid the southeast coast this past September, you likely knew someone who anxiously and nervously anticipated the impact of Hurricane Ian. Teams of meteorologists worked frantically to forecast accurate models. After all, lives depended on it. Everyone was asking where it would make landfall, and if it would be as devastating as hurricane Andrew. Phrases like storm surge, catastrophic flooding and mandatory evacuations quickly became terms that most people understood. In mid-October, approximately 750,000 Floridians were still without power.

Ian formed in early September, and reached Category 5 strength on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS).

Like Ian, Hurricane Andrew struck the southern tip of Florida as a Category 5 storm back in 1992. It was one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the United States, causing great devastation across the Caribbean and Gulf regions. Many people were killed and many homes were destroyed. A huge number of homes were cut off from utility services for weeks, even months.

There was one home in particular that was cut off from the electric grid for 15 years. That home belonged to an elderly woman named Norena. After being scammed by an unscrupulous contractor, Norena’s house did not qualify to be reconnected, as it was not up to code. And because Norena was on a fixed income, she couldn’t afford to pay for the repairs, so she simply went about her life without electricity. For 15 years, Norena endured the Florida heat without air conditioning. She showered without access to hot water. She made do with the reality of being disconnected. Neighbors never noticed her spartan lifestyle.

The sad reality is that there are partners in law firms today feeling much like Norena — disconnected. Not from electricity, but from their law firms. They have tried to make the best of their powerless and disconnected situation. Thankfully, unlike Norena, these partners have a choice.

If you are feeling disconnected, undervalued or under appreciated, don’t wait 15 years — you have a choice. Our team at JAGLAW, LLC has an established history of assisting partners and associates alike in finding their pathway to a fulfilling and satisfying career. Don’t lose hope and don’t be fooled, not all law firms are created equal.

Thankfully, a neighbor eventually discovered the truth of Norena’s plight and after a phone call to the Mayor of her hometown, Cutler Bay, Florida, Norena’s power was restored.

Please contact us at for a confidential conversation. We’re experienced and ready to assist you in identifying the strategic plan that makes the most sense for you, regardless of the stage your career.

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