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Is Now a Good Time for Some Self-Reflection?

“Do not measure the day or the week by what you reap, instead measure it by the seeds you plant.”

Is now a good time for some self-reflection? If so, here are six questions to ask yourself in the new year.

As a new year begins, it’s a great time to reflect on your life—both work and personal. Check in with yourself to see how it’s going, what’s great, what could be better, and whether you’re the person you believe you could be and the place where you should be. This time of the year usually brings a positive attitude for a fresh start and provides just the right motivation to pause for some needed self-reflection.

Many career coaches believe there is a significant purpose in carving out quality time to evaluate and establish some goals for the coming year. If you agree that this makes sense, here are some questions I find to be helpful that you may want to consider. But I also find it helpful to put my answers on a vision board as a continual reminder throughout the year.

1. What are your most cherished memories of the past year?

Looking back on the year, what were the times you most enjoyed, felt most fulfilled, or simply valued the most? If you need some help jogging your memory, pick up your phone and open up your photos from the past year and take a scroll down memory lane. Chances are some wonderful times and cherished memories, even in a year like the one we’ve just had, will become clear in your mind.

2. What do you wish you would have done more (or less) of?

Looking back on the past year, what gaps do you see in terms of what you would have liked to accomplish, both at work and at home? In what ways could you have better spent your time? What habits would you have liked to establish, and what behaviors would you have liked to put an end to? We all have room for improvement in our life, so what are the top three areas that you could improve? Is there a relationship that you would you like to improve or change this year?

3. Did you make yourself proud this past year?

As you look back upon the past year, what are you most proud of? Perhaps you stepped out of your comfort zone to make a tough decision. Or you handled a difficult client situation with strength and leadership. Perhaps you stuck to a goal you laid out the year before. Did you get over a loss, a hardship, try something new, or let go of something or someone that wasn’t serving you well. Recognize the times when you lived up to your own expectations and made yourself proud.

4. Does your current daily routine reflect your goals?

While the significant moments of the year offer us insight into who we really are, so do the small, daily habits we maintain each day. It’s these daily habits that make up the majority of our lives. So take time to review what your current habits are and what your daily routine and rhythm look and feel like. Honestly assess how your daily routine currently goes so that you can see what’s serving you and what you may want to change.

For example, which is more important to you, checking your email first thing in the morning or checking in on your spiritual walk? Many people check the insignificant before they listen to the significant.

5. Can you benefit from a change of perspective?

For me, it’s easier to put my life in its proper perspective when I step away from it. I believe this is most effective because this is when I’m able to see beyond how I feel. Feelings are good, but they are oftentimes misleading, especially if we allow ourselves to be led by fear, disappointment, worry or our own insecurities.

What are the character values in life that you consider most important? What are the character values/traits you most desire to project to others? What defines goodness for you? What is honesty? Who we talk to most often is likely the perspective in life we will unintentionally adopt. Who breathes encouragement into you and who do you talk with that constantly complains? Who do you pour encouragement into? Do you have anyone in your life that you respect enough to allow them to hold you accountable? Should you modify any communications with certain people in your life?

6. What are your hopes for next year?

After some reflective time on a few of these questions, and actually writing them down, you should be able to see the things that are going well in your life and those that you may want to improve.

Why not set some realistic goals for your daily habits? What about larger accomplishments for the new year?

Remember to take one day at a time and celebrate your journey along the way. You are not alone on your walk. JagLaw is your trusted partner to help you look forward to a year that more closely aligns with your core values and be the person you most want to be. Contact us at to speak confidentially with one of our team members regarding your goals.

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