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Zooming your way to success!

For many of us, it seems our days have become a series of scheduled Zoom calls. And most of us are doing our best to accept this mode of communication as a suitable substitute for in-person meetings to stay connected with family, colleagues and clients across town, as well as across the country.

With so much practice, we’re no longer wondering to ourselves, “How can I present the best version of myself on this Zoom call?” We’ve managed to find ways to laugh at ourselves and with others when something doesn’t go as planned, such as someone talking while still on mute during an important call.

For the time being, this has become our modern world. And we know in our minds we have to accept these changes and try to make sense of the circumstances. But has everyone?

The problem is that we assume everyone we work with has made the adjustment and found alternative ways to stay connected with important relationships.

But what if they haven’t?

I have a friend who is a senior partner practicing with a national law firm. He is a busy man. He manages a robust practice, yet he recently confessed that he’s never felt more isolated and alone in his entire life. As we talked and I listened, I realized that he was one of the last men in the world that I thought would struggle with anxiety related to isolation. As he continued to share, I made it a point to think of several others who I wanted to touch base with.

Our call concluded with a promise to stay in better contact. My friend helped me realize that we’re all so busy adjusting to our new way of life that perhaps we need to recognize that there are some, maybe even those you least expect, who are struggling with loneliness and maybe even depression. Yes, it’s possible to be surrounded by lots of people and still feel alone.

Even when I was in a crowd,

I was always alone.

If you’re wanting to speak with someone about your career, with someone who cares about more than just your resume, we welcome a Zoom call. We are an experienced team of advocates who have represented hundreds of partner and associate level attorneys with their decisions involving their career and life.

Contact us at and we would enjoy scheduling a time that is confidential and convenient to Zoom. We’ll share with you why so many have trusted us with their biggest decisions. They all begin with a private conversation.

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