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Scary Stories

It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about Halloween. Though there are similarities…

As you huddle together with your partners having an end of week cocktail, the stories turn eerie. “Did you hear the one about the partner who practiced law with the same firm for over 20 years and they just asked him to leave?” Who doesn't enjoy a scary story around this time of year? But sadly, not all those stories are merely ghost tales. Many are true. This is the time of year when some law firms make decisions to cut ties with career partners. And it's also true that most law firms could do a much better job when handling the forced departures. To a degree, we understand that law firms are in the business of making money. However, what if they took the time to carefully assess and consider how to use this time as an opportunity to genuinely help transition the partner or associate in a manner that allows them to maintain their positive self-image and confidence? The solution could be a personalized outplacement program focused on providing the right resources to the individual attorney in order to find a new position that is based on their current experience and compensation level, and in a timely manner. JAG & Associates, LLC has provided Outplacement Services to some of the largest law firms and small firms alike, in a manner that doesn’t adversely affect the firm’s reputation, nor the self-image of the attorney going through the program. We refer to this program as the Career Transition Program. The goal of the CTP program is to identify the needs of the individual attorney, while meeting the timeline objectives of the law firm client. If managed correctly, this can be a supportive growth experience for the individual attorney, who then maintains a friendship with the firm. The individual attorney is treated with respect and courtesy, while the firm maintains their image of caring for their largest investment, their people. Who knows… if the individual attorney lands an in-house position, they may even remember their friends at their former firm and send some business their way! To learn more about our experience and history, and how you or your firm may benefit from the Career Transition Program, please contact us at to learn more and arrange for a confidential meeting with one of our outplacement specialists.

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