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Having accurate and insider knowledge of what lateral partners are seeking is critical to your overall recruiting efforts. JAG has the proven insight to help your firm gain the advantage it needs in this competitive market.

Every firm has a story, and a reputation. JAG works closely with our clients so they have the needed confidence to put their best foot forward and take full advantage of opportunities when presenting and creating your firm's success story.

Knowing that your firm’s valued partners are receiving inquiries from competing firms doesn’t have to keep you awake at night. JAG can help build a retention program that deepens partner loyalty.

There is a value in understanding your firm’s strengths. JAG can assist your leadership team in identifying your firm’s strengths and potential deficiencies, so you can confidently put your best foot forward in your firm’s growth initiative.

We hear it all too often... “We don’t want to grow for growth's sake!” But what does that really mean? One size does not fit all. JAG assists our clients in establishing a strategic growth plan that makes the most sense at each stage of the firm's growth initiative; one that will benefit the firm for years to come.

A term often misunderstood by some firm leadership when it comes to marketing their firm's potential to lateral partner candidates. JAG has guided numerous law firms and legal departments through the process of creating a lasting synergy that comes from attracting quality lateral partner candidates.

Law firms spend a great deal of time, money and effort building their firm.  JAG offers a proven model that assists our clients in avoiding the costly missteps that could impact the firm for years to come.

How does a firm learn what’s in their blind spots? This can be a vital step in the process that will have a tremendous impact on a fast and successful jump start.

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