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While You Were Sleeping

A few years ago, a former client contacted us after having some difficulty attracting desirable partner candidates. They were puzzled, and growing more and more frustrated. After all, the firm was profitable, had no debt, was quite busy and enjoyed an honorable reputation. So why was a firm with such a rich history and good reputation having difficulty attracting desirable partners to join them? With so many positives going for them, how could this firm have fallen out of relevancy and developed such a sleepy image? Our team put our marketing efforts to work and discovered that while many attorneys in the same market knew the firm well, very few could name more than one or two of our client’s partners. Over time, because of inactivity, our client had fallen out of relevancy and became lost in the shuffle far behind the growing pack of other high profile law firms that were competing in the news daily with announcements, events and functions. “So we need to increase our marketing budget?” That was the question presented by the Managing Partner. I understood the question, as it sounded like the logical approach. But ultimately, that was not our recommendation. JAG rolled up our sleeves and went to work and less than one month later, our client was celebrating a new partner who joined them from a competitor firm. And they had many more partner candidate options to consider. What was the difference? An effective marketing strategy that was laser-focused on waking up the legal and business community, with an emphasis on reminding the legal community that the client was not only relevant, but very interested in growing and expanding. If you would like to learn more about how we assisted this client, contact us confidentially at to arrange a personal meeting to discuss your firm’s needs and challenges.

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